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What is Moissanite Jewelry?


If you’re looking for an alternative to diamonds, you may be wondering what Moissanite jewelry is. This lab-created gemstone is a wonderful alternative because it’s cheaper and lighter in weight. In this article, you’ll learn about its benefits and why it’s a great choice for jewelry. And, you’ll learn about how to find a moissanite engagement ring. Whether you’re shopping for a new engagement ring or just looking for a great gift for someone special, there’s an excellent chance that Moissanite jewelry is right for you.

It is a lab created gemstone

The most notable difference between a natural iced out jewelry diamond and a Moissanite is its color. Moissanite is colorless or nearly colorless, while diamonds are rainbow colored. In the past, traditional Moissanite was yellowish in color, but with advances in technology, cutting-edge scientists are now able to create colorless Moissanite. The Forever One Moissanite, for example, is a brilliant white.

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 by French chemist Henri Moissan. Moissan initially thought the crystals in the meteorite depression were diamonds. Nevertheless, the chemistry of the gemstone shifted dramatically when compared to that of diamonds. The new material was synthesized and eventually won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1897. Today, the process is much easier, as any jewelry company can now manufacture moissanite.

It is a great alternative to diamonds

A big drawback of Moissanite is that it lacks value. While diamonds are valuable and can be passed down for generations, colored gemstones are more affordable and can make a more unique engagement ring. Compared to diamonds, colored gemstones are far less expensive per carat. These qualities are important to consider if you are buying a piece of jewelry for your significant other.

Because moissanite is a synthetic substance, it is not as easy to find in jewelry stores as diamonds. However, if you are able to find a high quality moissanite ring, you can surprise your partner with a beautiful alternative to diamonds. A few companies produce Moissanite jewelry. Forever Brilliant, Asha, and Amora are three of the most popular producers.

It is lighter weight than diamond

Moissanite is made from silicon carbide (SiC), a naturally occurring chemical. Despite its similar appearance to diamonds, it is not as dense or as expensive as the precious stone. Consequently, moissanite is used as a diamond substitute, and has recently become a popular choice for jewelry. While moissanite is not a diamond, lab testing is required to distinguish it from the real thing.

While both gemstones are a bit less expensive, moissanite is generally much easier to find the center gem in a ring. The gemstone also retains its clarity and is suitable for daily wear. Moissanite jewelry is also much lighter than diamond. Compared to diamond, it also doesn’t have a lot of visible imperfections. Moissanite is also more resistant to tarnishing than diamonds.

It is more affordable

While diamonds and other precious gemstones are more expensive, moissanite jewelry is more affordable. A moissanite ring is made from a synthetic stone, not a real diamond. Moissanites have higher clarity and fire, and when rotated, show a rainbow-like effect. Moissanite is a lab-grown stone, so it rarely has a low clarity grade.

Because Moissanite is cheaper, it is still an heirloom-quality stone. Couples can afford to buy a beautiful, heirloom-quality ring while saving money for a down payment on a home, a better honeymoon, or a larger family. In fact, nearly one-third of Americans believe that spending $1000 or less on an engagement ring is an appropriate amount. Smart consumers balance the value of a ring with the broader economic impact of spending. Moissanite is an environmentally friendly, beautiful, and affordable alternative to diamonds. Today’s modern couples understand the importance of investing in themselves.

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