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If you have a passion for stamp collecting, then you will want to add a few stamps accessories to your collection. You will feel even more proud of your new hobby. To learn more about these accessories, visit websites of stamp collecting companies. Here, you will find information on some of the best brands. We have included SAFE, TRAXX, Mintage World, and Kiloware. All of these companies are popular with stamp collectors.


SAFE produces a comprehensive range of stamps accessories for philatelic collectors. Their patented Dual System includes a fully transparent film stockpage and an acid-free illustrated page for examining both sides of stamps. The systems are complemented by yearly supplements, hingeless blank pages, and stockpages. SAFE offers both machine and handmade binders. Those interested in stamp preservation should check out SAFE’s range of custom binder kits.

For storage of stamps, a quality, air-tight album https://thepostagestamps.com/ is a must. Keep stamps out of reach of children and pets, as food and beverages can cause them to fade and become distorted. Never touch your stamps directly; even with clean hands, oils can still get on them. Avoid rushing when placing stamps in albums as this can cause them to get stuck together. Similarly, avoid using solvents or bleach to clean your stamps.


TRAXX is a global company and a leading manufacturer of marking devices. They produce a comprehensive range of products, including heavy-duty metal and plastic stamps, pocketstamps and manual bankers. Moreover, they manufacture office-related products and accessories. Besides, they develop new products to suit the modern office environment. In addition to the products and accessories, TRAXX offers a range of consumables that include replacement ink pads.

TRAXX uses a quality management system to ensure the quality of the products and services that they sell. The company has received ISO 9001 certification and implemented ISO quality standards. TRAXX also received OHSA18001:2007 certification in occupational safety and health, establishing that it meets the highest global standards. Moreover, the company is a proud member of the BSCI (British Standard Institution).

Mintage World

If you love coins, stamps and notes, then Mintage World is the online museum for you! This museum teaches you about numismatics, philately, notaphily, and other related topics. Its App helps educate the general public and promotes research work by scholars. The vision of Mintage World is to preserve India’s rich cultural heritage. To learn more, download the App and get started learning about coins, stamps, notes, and more!

If you enjoy banknotes, stamps, or notes, you can also shop for these accessories at Mintage World. Whether you are interested in rare stamps or banknotes, there are accessories to protect them from tearing or folding. And if you enjoy collecting postcards, Mintage World has the right kind of cases and pouches to protect your precious pieces. No matter what you’re collecting, you’ll be able to find the right accessories for it at Mintage World!


If you’re looking for a new kiloware, you’ve probably come across mission kiloware. These are usually produced by religious groups and churches that collect used stamps and sell them to dealers. Normally, mission kiloware contains a high percentage of common letter rate definitives and will be sold as “unpicked” stamps. The key is to find a good mission kiloware, though.

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