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Solid core Mexicano oak doors are the modern classic bestseller

Mexicano doors are a contemporary classic that are the ideal choice for a traditional home. They feature double 10mm solid lippings and provide exceptional sound and heat reduction. They are available in different finishes and can be suited to modern and traditional homes. You can also paint Mexicano doors to match the interiors of your room.

Mexicano internal doors have square edged groove details and a panelled design. One of the most popular internal doors in the UK, they complement almost any modern interior. Available in many colours and finishes, Mexicano doors are an excellent choice for any setting.

They feature double 10mm solid lippings

Whether you’re building a new home, restoring an old one, or just updating your current exterior, Mexicano doors feature solid timber lippings that provide added protection and longevity. This door style is suitable for both traditional and modern homes. These doors have a unique look and complement the Mexicano range of external doors.

They offer exceptional sound reduction and heat retention

Mexicano doors are a great choice for high-end homes that require exceptional sound reduction and heat retention. The materials used in these doors are solid wood byproducts. They are heavier than other types of doors and are usually used for partitioning homes from the outside. While this type of door can reduce sound levels by as much as 15%, it is not a long-term solution and may have adhesion and durability problems.

They are a suitable choice for traditional homes

If you are looking for an internal door that blends contemporary design with traditional styling, you may want to consider Mexicano doors. This oak mexicano doors range of doors features a combination of rustic and contemporary design, including a solid core construction and an engineered oak veneer. These doors are suitable for both traditional and modern homes, and come in a wide range of sizes. They can be trimmed to fit less conventional openings, too.

They can be made to your specific requirements

If you need to purchase a new door for your home, you can have one custom-made by Mexicano. You can choose from different types and designs of Mexicano doors. These products come with various features, including a ten-year defect guarantee, FSC certification, and a complete chain of custody. The Mexicano Light Grey Laminated Door has a semi-solid core construction and a light grey laminate finish. It is ideal for homeowners who want a stylish door with extra durability.

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