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Myofascial Release Portland How It Works

Myofascial Release Portland or MFR as it is more commonly known in the medical world is an extremely popular pain relief technique that has been around for decades. However there is often a misconception that MFR is only used by athletes and bodybuilders and that it is an expensive and painful way to achieve pain relief. This article intends to set the record straight and dispel those myths.

MFR is a technique that uses a trigger point therapy to release chronic tension and tightness in the muscles and joints. It is done by applying pressure and friction between the muscles and tendons of affected areas. This releases the adhesions which hold the muscle or bone in place which is in turn alleviating the pain and discomfort.

This type of therapy is effective for treating acute pain such as sprains, strains, ligaments and joints. It is also safe for use by people of any age as long as they are not allergic to the anesthesia used. The process itself can be self-initiated but is usually assisted with ultrasound, electrotherapy, heat and cold. Patients typically receive at least five treatments within six weeks. Each session usually lasts up to fifteen minutes.

There are many benefits of myofascial release, the most obvious being the reduction in pain. It has been scientifically proven that up to eighty percent of the discomfort felt is actually caused by tight muscles and overworked tendons. By increasing flexibility, range of movement and strength through the use of myofascial release, patients are able to move freely again and return to everyday activities with increased ease and confidence.

MFR is a great technique for rehabilitation after sports injuries and other physical trauma as it allows fast healing and promotes rapid physiotherapy. The technique also allows patients to resume daily activity without limitations for longer periods of time. Myofascial Release Portland techniques also promote improved flexibility by allowing muscles to lengthen without the use of weights. This provides for more optimal performance while strengthening muscles and promoting overall health.

When seeking treatment, it is best to seek a qualified professional who is skilled in the use of myofascial release. During the initial visit, the therapist will discuss your symptoms and the appropriate techniques. There is no need to be embarrassed about asking for help as in most instances, professional help is only a phone call away. As with any medical treatment, it is recommended that you seek a doctor’s opinion prior to undergoing any form of exercise or workout technique.

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