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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is an important process for preventing fire hazards in your kitchen. Grease from your cooking can build up in hoods, ducts, and fans, posing a serious fire hazard. A professional cleaning service can help remove the grease, and keep your hood and vents operating properly.

Cleaning the grease filter

If you’ve been using your kitchen exhaust system for a long time, you may have noticed that your filter is dirty. If this is the case, you need to clean it regularly. You should clean it at least once every month. If you only cook a few times per week, then cleaning it just once a month may suffice. However, if you’re constantly cooking and baking, you’ll need to clean it more often.

To clean your grease filter, you should first remove Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning any food particles that may have built up on it. You can use hot water to wash the filter. Hot water can also help to remove some grease from the filter. Next, use a dishwasher detergent to clean the filter thoroughly. After washing the filter thoroughly, place it in a dry area and leave it for about an hour.

Cleaning the ducts

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a process that entails cleaning up the ducts, vents, and fans to remove grease that has collected over time. Grease accumulation in these areas can pose extreme fire hazards. If left unchecked, grease buildup can cause a serious health hazard and even lead to house fires.

In most cases, this involves removing the fan blades and cleaning the motor and ducts. Using a vacuum attachment, these ducts can be thoroughly cleaned. In addition to cleaning the motor, kitchen exhaust cleaning also involves cleaning the grease and grime buildup that has accumulated inside the system.

Before hiring a company to clean your ducts, do a little research on them. Start by using Google to find companies that provide this service. Look for contact information on their websites. Most will provide a phone number or an email address, so you can contact them directly.

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