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How to Choose Ogee Oak Skirting

Whether you’re building your dream home or just renovating, ogee oak skirting boards will make a big impact in your space. This classic design is the epitome of style, combining a curved ogee profile with a sturdy wood veneer. It may not be as expensive as some other designs, but it’s still a great option if you want to give your room a real look.

There are many types of ogee oak skirting available. You’ll find solid, prime grade boards in a variety of sizes and finishes, including unfinished varnished, oiled, and lacquered. While it’s usually a good idea to stick with a solid board, the gleaming veneers add an extra layer of sophistication. Choosing the right boards is key to getting your money’s worth.

Ogee is a traditional skirting profile that’s been used in homes for years. It’s the ideal choice when you’re unsure which style is best for your space. Unlike a Torus, it looks a bit more ornamental. It’s also a good choice for a tall ceiling. It can be easily matched with other materials, such as carpet, so you’ll be able to create a harmonious effect. You’ll also want to consider the width of your room when it comes to your new skirting. Ogee boards typically range from two to three metres, with custom lengths available if you’re willing to pay a little more.

For a more practical option, you can consider using moisture resistant MDF from sustainable resources. This¬†ogee oak skirting type of material has all the oomph factor of a solid, but with the benefit of being easy to install. MDF is the best bet for homeowners looking to save money, while creating a beautiful, functional space. You can even get a skirting made of pine or walnut if you’re a little more picky about the finish.

The most impressive thing about the ogee is the fact that you can order it in almost any size, from small to large. It’s also a great way to give your room a cohesive look with your oak doors. Ogee boards come in single packs, or you can opt for the pricier, pre-finished Kota version. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good the finish is on this type of product. Considering the cost of this product, you’ll likely be pleased with your purchase for a long time to come.

The Ogee is a fun, functional and classy way to add style to your room. With a range of colours and styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a skirting that suits your tastes. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any room, and you’ll never have to worry about it looking old or worn. It’s also a very efficient way to install your new mouldings. It’s also one of the easiest materials to stain, which means that you can use it for your next project with confidence. You can even order rebated options for your cabling. The Ogee oak skirting board is a great addition to your home, and you’ll get to enjoy it for the long haul.

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