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How to Choose Light-Blocking Curtains

If light is a problem in your home, you have several options for controlling it: blinds, shades or curtains. But the most effective of these are light-blocking curtains, which block both sunlight and incoming noise. They are available in a range of colors and styles, so you can find the right ones to match your decor. While many people buy light-blocking curtains for a bedroom, these drapes also work well in living rooms, kids’ bedrooms and offices.

A curtain’s opacity determines how much light it blocks. Some curtains, like those rated as blackout, are opaque and can block out 100 percent of incoming light. Others, such as those described as room-darkening, can reduce the amount of light coming in by up to 95 percent, while still providing a dim effect. In general, the thicker and tighter a fabric’s weave is, the more effective it will be in blocking light.

The color of a curtain can also affect how much light it blocks. While white is often seen as a classic choice, it can actually allow a lot of sunlight to seep in, which makes it less effective for blocking light than a darker shade. If you prefer a dark shade, opt for something that is either a navy blue or gray. These are two of the most effective colors for blocking light because they are both darker than other shades and less reflective of sunlight.

You can also add a valance to your curtains for even more effective light control. It will prevent the fabric from touching the wall on both sides, which can allow light to leak in through the seams.

When shopping for light-blocking curtains http://techinshorts.com/the-essential-guide-to-custom-window-treatments-in-calgary-alberta/, consider their size and how they are hung. Make sure they are long enough to block the light from reaching all the way to the floor, and that they are wide enough to completely cover the window frame. Aim for a few inches of overlap on each side, or choose wraparound rods that bring the curtains to the sides of the window frame to further cut down on light leakage.

Another factor to consider is the heading style, which determines how much light leaks into a room from the top of the curtains. Grommets, which have wide metallic holes that a rod can pass through, tend to suit modern spaces, while a heading style such as pinch pleats or rod pockets may be more suitable for traditional rooms. If you have a very dark space, you can also install a wood pelmet above your windows to further block out light.

If you’re shopping for a set of curtains, keep in mind that some online retailers provide incorrect measurements for their products. You can usually check the manufacturer’s website for the exact dimensions of each product to ensure that they will fit your windows. You can also shop for curtains that are made to order, which will give you the most accurate measurements.

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