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What is a Christian Science Nursing Care Facility?

A Christian Science nursing care facility is a place where someone can live in a safe, attractive and comfortable home. Christian Science nurses are always on duty to support healing through prayer and to meet practical human needs. They are also available to support individuals at home, in hospitals or in other nursing care facilities.

The concept of a Christian Science nursing care facility was conceived in 1944 by a gentleman who, having relied on the practical healings found in Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, had overcome paralysis through spiritual treatment. The man’s deep gratitude and the support of others led to the founding in 1947 of a non-profit corporation to acquire a building on East 71st Street in New York City where a rest and Christian Science nursing home was established.

Today, there are over 200 Christian Science nursing care facilities throughout the world. These organizations offer a variety of residential accommodations: homes where people live permanently; cottages or apartments for individuals who want to stay but do not require Christian Science nursing care; and rooms for those who only wish to be assisted in meeting their daily personal care needs.

Those who live at a Christian Science nursing care facility are not given drugs or other medical treatments. They must be earnest students of Christian Science who demonstrate active branch Church participation and consistent attendance and a desire to pursue spiritually progressive living. They must be free of the use of medication and medical devices and have a practitioner who is currently listed in The Christian Science Journal working with them.

Christian Science nurses at these facilities are trained to be helpful to those in need, providing comfort, tender affection and spiritual guidance. They are skilled in meeting physical needs, such as bathing and grooming, changing bandages, and preparing meals. They also are able to help with spiritual renewal by encouraging and guiding patients in their own individual practice of Christian Science.

A Christian Science nursing care facility provides a restful environment where guests can concentrate on their spiritual growth and be nurtured physically by the presence of God’s love and goodness. They are encouraged to pursue their own spiritual advancement and to challenge and overcome their limitations. They are able to do this in an atmosphere free of medical intrusion and the stress of keeping a home.

For more information about Christian Science nursing care facilities, please call the CSNCN hotline. An experienced Christian Scientist answers the phone each day, and will respond to messages within 24 hours. This service is especially designed for senior Christian Scientists or their family members and friends who are seeking information on housing, care, and assistance options that are consistent with the practice of Christian Science. It is free of charge. In addition, The Leaves, a Christian Science nursing care facility in Lakewood, Colorado, has opened its Creekside at The Leaves residential living program.

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