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Sports News – Why Tyreek Hill is So Important to Your Fantasy Football Success

Sports News: New Orleans has been the butt of many jokes over the years and it was perhaps fate that the party and the city of New Orleans would be the butt of many a joke with the release of the much maligned Hurricane Katrina in 2021. It seemed that no matter where in the Caribbean waters that Hurricane Rita formed, there were people willing to help and they came in their thousands to help out in the recovery efforts for New Orleans. The same desire and spirit are apparent in what is now termed as the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Party.

Sports News

In the months following Hurricane Katrina more than twenty cities in the United States saw outbreaks of severe hurricanes, tornados and floods. Many cities across the United States including New Orleans saw severe flooding which lead to an increase in hotel room revenues as people were unwilling to spend the money on a trip back to their homes. As such the NFL decided to hold a week of Super Bowl games in New Orleans. This would prove to be a good financial move for the owners of the thirty NFL franchises which currently play in the New Orleans area.

The party started on December 1st and went through the week and into January. On the first day the Football Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers were host to the Atlanta Falcons. The home team in this game was the hated Carolina Panthers. The game was a nail biter and when the teams were given an extra day off to travel to Charlotte for their week seven game the Panthers won by a score of 24-3. The win brought with it a mountain of fans chanting and cheering. This was the beginning of a national phenomenon.

Two weeks later the same teams played in New Orleans again. This time around the visiting Atlanta Falcons scored a more impressive win over the hated Carolina Panthers. On the final play of the game with the score tied at twenty-one, Tom Brady threw a spiral which hit Jimmy Smith in the stomach. He fumbled the snap and recovered nicely but still lost the game’s final touchdown. The November day’s scores were as following: Atlanta Saints 34, Carolina Panthers 19, San Francisco 49ers 17, Denver Broncos 17, New Orleans Saints 15, Chicago Bears 13. A very good Sunday for the Niners, who now have one more game to go to the playoffs.

The next week was much like the previous weeks, as the only change saw the Niners jump out to a ten point lead in the second half. But then the running game went down and the team could not overcome the bad luck of the referees calling an incomplete pass in the last few seconds of the game. The Carolina Panthers then put together a large scoring drive and won the November game by a score of 17-6. With a loss in their last two playoff games the Niners will miss the playoffs for the third straight year. This was another banner year for Tyreek Hill, who caught our eye early in the season as he made some nice plays catching the football.

This is an article that has been going for a while now and I thought I would put it on here before the holidays so people remember how important Tyreek Hill really is to the fantasy football success for both himself and the team. I have had many different players come and go since I first started in leagues back in the early 1990s. Some that I loved and some that irritated me to no end. Anyways, I don’t think that anyone can deny the impact Tyreek Hill has had on his team’s ability to win. He is without a doubt one of the best tight ends in the league today and he is also one of the most targeted. Go onto your fantasy football draft and take a look at my top, tight end picks for the upcoming year and remember, “If it is not broke don’t fix it”.

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