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Four Benefits of Geomagic Live Transfer

Reverse engineering software such as geomagic provides accurate digital 3D models of physical objects and CAD assemblies that accelerate product development. Integrated with CAD, Geomagic’s software offers complete toolsets for any type of model. With real-time feedback, Geomagic provides the ultimate combination of CAD and scan processing. It also integrates seamlessly with other 3D modeling programs. Geomagic’s software accelerates product development and is compatible with any CAD platform.

Live Transfer

If you’re interested in transferring your 3D scan data from one software program to another, Geomagic Live Transfer can help. By collaborating with major CAD software manufacturers, Live Transfer makes it possible to transfer newly constructed geometry from one program to another. As a result, you can create editable feature histories. If you’re an engineering or architecture professional, Live Transfer could make life easier for you. Here are four benefits of Geomagic Live Transfer.

Accuracy Analyzer

The Geomagic Design X is a reverse engineering software for creating CAD models from 3D scans. It is compatible with numerous 3D scanners, including Geomagic Design X, Artec, and desktop and handheld scanners. The Accuracy Analyzer for Geomagic can be used to validate your scans. It is a powerful tool for 3D scanning. If you are considering using a 3D scanner, read on for some benefits.

Mesh repair tools

The built-in Geomagic mesh repair tools can change many aspects of your digital model. These tools are located under the Repair heading in the menu bar. These tools can correct normal vector issues such as missing or misplaced triangles and flipped faces. Then, users can turn these features off by clicking Repair > Clear Results. This tool can be very useful for single solid models. You should also check out the full list of features available in this mesh repair software.

Exporting data to SOLIDWORKS

The Geomagic exporter for SOLIDWORKS plug-in can extract data from drawings and convert them to SOLIDWORKS. It supports popular 3D scanners and standard point and polygon file formats, and has advanced feature extraction wizards to produce sketch and surface data. With Geomagic exporter for SOLIDWORKS, you can create accurate and detailed 3D models without having to create CAD models.

Using Geomagic Control X

Using Geomagic Control X gives you the power to inspect, measure, and make decisions in seconds, without the need for expensive, highly-trained inspectors. The new user interface, innovative metrology tools, and workflow-driven preplanned processes allow you to analyze manufactured parts and assemblies in minutes rather than days. With this new software, you can perform a comprehensive 3D inspection in just a few clicks, while gaining measurable competitive advantage.

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