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Exponent Investment Management is Ottawa’s largest fee-based financial advisor firm

Exponent Investment Management

Exponent Investment Management is one of Ottawa’s largest fee-based financial advisory firms. It offers pension planning, portfolio analysis, wealth allocation, and cutting-edge reporting. What’s more, its certified financial advisors take a simple approach and tailor financial services to suit their clients’ unique needs. Their goal is to help business owners and professionals move from active income into passive income.

Exponent Investment Management is a fee-based financial advisor firm that offers a variety of financial planning services to Ottawa residents. The firm offers a client-centered approach and a highly experienced staff of financial professionals. Their clients have the ability to access their portfolios online at any time. This transparency allows clients and advisors to better communicate and make informed decisions. They also practice fiduciary responsibility, which means they will always act in their clients’ best interests.

Polaris Investment Management Exponent Investment Management is another fee-based financial advisor firm in Ottawa. Their focus is on evidence-based investing. They have a diverse team of financial advisors who work together to identify and fix financial challenges and improve the overall quality of clients’ financial plans. The firm’s advisors are industry-recognized and have continued education in the latest trends and approaches in the financial industry.

It offers wealth allocation, pension planning & portfolio analysis services

Exponent Investment Management offers wealth allocation, pension plan, and portfolio analysis services to help investors achieve their financial goals. The company provides customized solutions to meet individual needs. The company works with clients to meet their investment goals, reduce risk, and live the life they want.

The company’s platform includes a powerful ecosystem of partners, and leverages the latest technology and distribution developments to deliver seamless services and accelerate innovation. The system is built on a single data repository and engineered to cover a broad range of asset classes.

It offers cutting edge reporting

Cutting-edge reporting is an integral part of Exponent Investment Management’s client service model. The firm’s investment research platform, YCharts, lets you analyze past performance and macro-level trends. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and includes an Excel download. It also allows you to plug in your own models for analysis.

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