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A Smart Move For Independent Landlords

A Smart Move is a quick and secure tenant screening service that lets independent landlords screen applicants in seconds. When you sign up for the service, you can send a screening request to an applicant via email and receive their reports within minutes.

You get access to credit, criminal and eviction FCRA-regulated data A Smart Move so you can make educated leasing decisions with confidence. And unlike other companies, SmartMove has no upfront fees and is free to use for all property owners.

The screening application is quick and simple to use, allowing you to view and review results from any device at any time. It’s even possible to have an applicant complete the screening on a mobile device while visiting your property for faster results.

When you’re looking to screen a potential renter, you need a quick, hassle-free solution that can help you get the information you need to make a smart decision. You don’t want to waste time with lengthy set-up procedures or risk negatively impacting a tenant’s credit score.

With SmartMove, you can run a credit, criminal and eviction check in minutes so you can make an informed leasing decision. Plus, with the ability to run credit and eviction searches on applicants at any point in the lease cycle, you can save time and money by weeding out bad renters early on.

This way, you can avoid losing good tenants to your competitors. In addition to offering comprehensive tenant background checks, SmartMove also delivers detailed income insights that help you determine if an applicant’s reported income is accurate and whether they may have trouble paying their rent.

Using learnings from tracking hundreds of millions of consumer credit records, SmartMove’s Income Insights can lower your risk of renter payment problems and save you time and money by helping you verify an applicant’s reported income.

It also enables you to quickly make more confident leasing decisions, as you can easily see how your applicant’s income compares to their financial activity. This can be especially helpful if you have a small pool of applicants.

You can choose to pass the cost of rental screenings to your applicants, or you can pay for them yourself. You can also choose whether you want to provide a credit report to your applicants before they move in.

With SmartMove, the credit, criminal and eviction records are delivered to you in minutes from the moment you approve the screening request. That’s more than three times as fast as other providers.

The credit and eviction results are also delivered in a format that makes them easy to understand. They are presented in a concise, straightforward manner and include details about your prospective tenant’s current and past credit history.

If you’re a small-scale property owner, SmartMove’s screening services can be a smart investment in your business. Their affordable plans offer nationwide criminal, eviction and credit reports along with income insights to help you find the right renters for your properties.

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